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Interested in being a volunteer at Wildwood?
We appreciate any help in caring for the Body of Christ.

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Work on the weekend; be a host and counselor for a weekend.

Work with us for a week. We try to provide Housing; you help with  food. Call for work weeks available.

Work part time

  • Staff day off
  • Extra kitchen help
  • Cleaning on call
  • Office
  • Outside

Please respond to the following:

1. Please share your Christian testimony.

2. Wildwood is a sanctuary set aside for the body of Christ as a place of refuge, prayer, healing, meditation, fasting, rest, and a place to meet and hear from God. What does this mean to you?

3. Are you willing to be a servant?

4. Are you willing to comfort and pray for hurting people?

5. Are you willing to keep all information totally confidential?

6. Have you prayed and sought God's will about helping at Wildwood?

7. Are you willing to sign a covenant with Wildwood for 6 months or a year as a volunteer?

8. Would you be willing to personally support this ministry and solicit support from others?

9. What are your gifts?

10. What are your skills?



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Wildwood Sanctuary
 20833 FM Road 1253
 Lindale, TX 75771
 Phone 903-569-6209
 fax 903-569-5794