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Robert O'Maker
Missionary with Calvary International and Director of Wildwood Sanctuary
Wildwood has been a place to come and relax, rest and receive from the Lord what He would have for us when we were itinerating and traveling around.  Before we traveled back to our base overseas, we would come to Wildwood so we could receive from the Lord.  When the apostles had returned to tell everything they had done, Jesus said, "Let's get away from the crowds for a while and rest."  Wildwood Sanctuary is a place where you can come and get away for a while and rest.  It reminds me of a sign I saw on a supermarket, 'Stop and Go'.  We need to come here, stop, and be refreshed and then continue on.  Our main goal after seeking God is to go back to the field having received peace, quiet and rest.  And after hearing from the Lord, we are ready to go.


Tammy Berry
Church staff member and Pastor's wife
Vineyard Church-Huston, Texas
The presence of God is definitely in this place.  It is nice to just come and go out into the open and allow God to breathe his life on you.  Because of the things that happened here, the different surrounding and the way that God's presence is really here, I was able to allow God to make changes in my soul even to the depths.


Dan Cooper
Pastor - Seminar Speaker
Midlothian Christian Fellowship - Midlothian, Texas
Jesus got away, it says in the Word, to pray and spend time with the Father.  And this is a place where you can do that.  You can commune with God without interruption and really hear his voice in the quiet and peace of nature.  And that's why I appreciate Wildwood Sanctuary.


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Adoptive Family-- Patrice Frey
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Missionaries--Betty & Robert O'Maker     
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Pastor--Jim and Mary Fields     
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Christian Counselor--Nick Eno 
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