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Jarratt Major, M.Th., LMFT
Jarratt Major is a retired pastor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor, and Christian counselor.
He has conducted classes and seminars on:
Divorce Recovery
Grief Recovery
Locating Spiritual gifts
Improving your marriage
Strategic planning and goal setting
Assertiveness training
Bible courses


Linda G. Major
Linda has a BS Degree in Home Economics and has 11 years experience teaching as well as 11 years business experience.  She is the visionary for Wildwood and the key developer of the building plans, decor and healthy menus. 
Wildwood Vision
"One day while preparing to go to work, God said in the Spirit, 'Prepare a Sanctuary.'  I stopped dead in my tracks because I knew that did not come from me.  Where did that come from, I questioned.  I smiled and I knew it had to be Him.  I simply said, 'ok.'  The next few months I began reading the Word for the true meaning of a sanctuary and prayed for guidance.  The word sanctuary means a lot of things.  God began to move me in the directions I needed to go and really gave me a heart for the project.  I married Jarratt not too long after that, and I know that was a part of the plan.  God led us step by step to this place, provided the funds, and we worked and He worked on us.  He has been faithful in every way and we give him the credit for this beautiful place."  -- Linda Major
Linda and Jarratt continue to serve at Wildwood as advisors, counselors,  and volunteers.


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Wildwood Sanctuary
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 Lindale, TX 75771
 Phone 903-569-6209
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